Digital Pharma Marketing : From Fiction to Reality 2021

It seems that the world that is witnessing a digital transformation for many years has begun to take very broad steps towards digital transformation, and although many industries have made great strides in the field of transformation and digital marketing, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are lagging behind by many stages in the application of digital marketing concepts, perhaps due to their ignorance of the marketing ability. Digital technology pump huge amounts of information about clients, which raises the level of medical services provided.

Pharmaceutical medical care providers must realize that customers in the year 2021 have become culturally and cognitively demanding the ability of caregivers to satisfy their emotional, social and behavioural needs in addition to their medical needs, and this calls for providing an improved experience based on making the client the focus of attention and meeting all of his needs. The ability of digital marketing to provide a lot of data about the desires, preferences and needs of customers makes it more appropriate for customer service in our time.

digital pharma marketing

Abdallah Battah | 2021 | Digital Pharma Marketing Trainer and Consultant

Digital pharma marketing

It also appears that the Corona pandemic has quickly convinced health care providers of the need for pharmaceutical companies to consolidate the concepts of digital marketing that provides an opportunity to create a bank of information about customers that can be used and called up immediately when there is an urgent need for future research.
Consequently, it has become imperative for pharmaceutical companies that always invoke regulatory restrictions as a major barrier to marketing drugs electronically to be courageous and take all necessary steps to apply e-marketing concepts in all their operations and in order to be able to go into this experience, they must focus on being companies that provide medical services and not Medical goods, and this takes us to the modern digital marketing concept that makes the customer the focus of attention and therefore we must focus on three stages during the presentation of marketing content, the first of which is to study customer experiences and all the information surrounding them, and then provide various pharmaceutical solutions that may meet all their needs and finally focus on publishing content Accurate and transparent awareness building to build complete trust with the customer and by following these steps that aim to spread awareness about the various diseases and available pharmaceutical solutions, the pharmaceutical companies have won two battles, the first is to gain customers ’trust and loyalty and their conviction that these companies aim in the interest of the customer and not only sell, and the second battle is to break the restrictions Severe regulatory experience of digital pharma marketing and here it is worth noting the necessity of a For an immediate move from pharmaceutical companies to establish their digital presence with their efforts before technology companies begin delving into this sector and controlling its marketing operations.

It is noteworthy that digital pharma marketing includes the use of the Internet, cellular devices, search engines and other channels to reach customers. As for digital pharma marketing, it is known until this moment as the limited application of digital marketing concepts within the limits of creating a website that aims to introduce companies and their pharmaceutical products and does not exceed sales of products. Beauty, nutritional supplements and vitamins, and using some social media sites to market products.

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