Introduction to digital pharmaceutical marketing

مقدمة إلى التسويق الصيدلاني الرقمي Introduction to digital pharmaceutical marketing

Introduction to digital pharmaceutical marketing

Pharmaceutical digital marketing has shown its effectiveness in the world of pharmaceutical industries. Undoubtedly, modern pharmaceutical digital marketing channels have recently shown their effectiveness to influence both patients and health care providers. Undoubtedly, most patients obtain their information through digital means. Pharmaceutical companies have not become It is the only guardian of the digital content of their treatments on digital platforms, so it became clear the need for pharmaceutical companies to focus on pharmaceutical digital marketing and include it in their future marketing plans to keep pace with the competition for the right digital presence.

1- What is pharmaceutical digital marketing?

Pharmaceutical digital marketing is one of the marketing tools available to the largest system of pharmaceutical marketing departments in pharmaceutical companies as well as traditional tools (souvenirs, publications, visits and drug samples) and includes the use of digital means in developing the traditional marketing process, including the use of search engines in addition to social networking sites and other digital means. .

2- Digital marketing in the pharmaceutical sector compared to other sectors.

Because of the complex and delicate environment in which the pharmaceutical manufacturing process takes place and the provisions and laws imposed by health organizations on pharmaceutical marketing, the pharmaceutical industries could not keep pace with the tremendous development in digital marketing, but it seems that the huge budgets that pharmaceutical companies spend on traditional marketing, which in fact was generating these Companies have huge revenues that are no longer that efficient these days, especially with the apparent slowdown in the volume of growth, so it has become necessary for pharmaceutical companies to use artificial intelligence techniques, including digital marketing and data analysis to reach a large number of patients and health care providers and formulate marketing campaigns to make them suitable for business goals and may be centered Digital marketing campaigns in the coming periods about increasing the digital presence and awareness of brands by increasing the presence of the brand as the interaction with health care providers and patients alike increases. It is also noted by asking health care providers that the patient has become more aware of his treatments and his disease than Thus, the patient became an active component of the treatment plan.

3- Will digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

It is common knowledge in the business world that in order to be able to sell your products, you must have unique selling points and advantages that distinguish your product from competitors. It seems that the modern technologically accelerated world and the greatly increasing population makes the feature of brand awareness one of the most important competitive advantages among pharmaceutical companies for that. Digital marketing is a distinct means in reaching a huge number of customers with minimal effort, but in the short term, it seems that a hybrid marketing system must be implemented between traditional marketing and digital marketing, where each of them performs a special function and then integrates to achieve the goals of the pharmaceutical institution, where traditional marketing is concerned with preparation tasks. Customer lists and ratings, monitoring the availability of medicines in hospitals and pharmacies, and obtaining daily reports to evaluate customer reactions and achieve transparency, while digital marketing is concerned with rapid spread to expand the customer base and their awareness of the brand in conjunction with increasing loyalty and target audience in marketing campaigns.

It has become clear the daily hours people spend on digital media, including health care providers who spend a large part of their day on digital means, so pharmaceutical companies must start adjusting their budgets to make an increasing part of them dedicated to digital marketing that will create targeted advertising campaigns It targets patients and thus will have a positive impact on creating a concept in people’s minds, which promotes building a sustainable relationship with healthcare providers and patients.


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