Abdallah Battah Speaker Business Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour

It is important to Abdallah Battah Speaker Business that our team feel supported to create a safe and highly effective learning experience for our clients. If you encounter disruptive behaviour, please follow the guidelines in this document to ensure a positive experience for the group overall.

Examples of disruptive or disinterested behaviour to look out for:

  • Stating that they are only attending as they are obliged to by the business.
  • Lack of enthusiasm or engagement in group activities.
  • Dominating the group discussions with comments and questions that have a negative, irrelevant or counterproductive tone.
  • Signs of the delegate being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Argumentative behaviour or comments towards others in the group or you, the to Abdallah Battah Speaker Business Trainer.
  • Interrupting or talking over others.
  • Continually arriving late without an apology.

Advice on how to manage such behaviour

If you notice disruptive behaviour, choose one, or a combination of the below strategies depending on what you feel is the most appropriate.

  • Always seek to have a conversation with the individual away from the rest of the group and approach them in a calm and supportive manner. For example: ‘Hello Tom, how are you today? I noticed you weren’t fully engaged in the last activity, is everything okay? Is there anything I can support you with to enhance your experience today?’
  • If necessary, make them aware of how their behaviour may be impacting the rest of the group and ask them to consider the training experience of others.
  • Ask them what they would like to get from attending the speaking engagement that would be most beneficial. Explain what is involved and align the content with their individual needs and goals.
  • Offer them to return to the group and adjust their behaviour if they would like to continue.
  •   If the situation continues, speak to the relevant Manager within the business and ask them to invite the individual to leave the group training environment and consider an alternative solution for them, such as a 121 with their Manager, 121 Coaching with to Abdallah Battah Speaker Business or to attend a different to Abdallah Battah Speaker Business speaking engagement more aligned to their goals in the future.

For further advice or support, please contact Abdallah at Hello@abdallahbattah.com

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