Complaint Policy & Procedures For Abdallah Battah Speaker of Business

Abdallah Battah Speaker Business is committed to continuous improvement in service delivery.

Our Service Standards for Complaints are:
• We will make it easy and straightforward for you to make a complaint
• We will endeavor to respond to your complaint within the published timescales and keep you informed
• We will ensure you have a full explanation of your complaint in your preferred format
• We will tell you if changes have been made to services following your complaint
• We will review our Complaints Policy at regular intervals.

The Senior Management Team, and all those in managerial or supervisory roles, are responsible for developing and encouraging good customer care handling practices within their teams. Compliance with the Customer Complaints Policy is the responsibility of all members of the Company who deal with customers.

Our Customer Complaints Policy is available in hard copy. Please contact us if you would like a copy. Training will be provided for staff to ensure awareness is raised and that staff have a clear understanding of customer complaints and their responsibilities.

Equity & Diversity
Customers have a right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive from Abdallah Battah Speaker Business. Customers using this policy can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination. The Company has an Equality & Diversity Policy that covers all aspects of equality.

If you are unhappy with the service provided by Abdallah Battah Speaker Business – whether it is the learning experience, assessment, the support you are receiving, or about staff or the organization itself – we promise to take your complaint seriously and treat it as confidential. We also aim to resolve your complaint as speedily as possible.

We are always pleased to receive both compliments and complaints because they help us improve the service we provide, both for you and other learners.

We’re also interested in your ideas for improving our services. We use the information you give only to improve things. Passing on personal information about you is protected by the UK Data Protection Act.

If you want to complain, here’s what to do:

It helps if you complain straight away to the people involved, as they may be able to put things right immediately.

You should make your complaint within 3 months of the speaking engagement or problem occurring. At any stage, you can register a formal complaint by email, through our website or by letter.

Provide as much information as you can, including times, dates, places, and names.

Contact Details:
Contact Abdallah Battah Speaker Business on Tel: (+00962799456479) email: or write to us at Abdallah Battah Speaker Business, Street Name, Town, City, Postcode

You will get a first response within one week of receipt of your complaint and a further response within four weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can appeal the outcome.

To register for the course, you must fill out the form

Before accepting you into the course, the trainer will meet you and prepare you for the course through a short exam to measure the level only