SEO for a digital pharmaceutical company and other strategy

Digital” has become an essential part of daily life, as all sectors have rapidly adapted to the digital world, while the pharmaceutical industries have not been able to adapt to digital marketing completely.

There are many problems facing the pharmaceutical sector when it comes to digital marketing, due to the lack of acceptance of some health systems in many countries, marketing of medicines through digital channels, and this is what made it necessary for some countries to issue laws that regulate digital pharmaceutical marketing.

In this technological age, many pharmaceutical companies use social networking sites or e-commerce sites as a means of digital marketing, as this allows customers to buy products directly online.

SEO for a digital pharmaceutical company

Abdallah Battah | 2021 | Digital Pharma Marketing Trainer and Consultant

Many companies are trying to understand the true value of digital while others are integrating it into the broader marketing strategy, to increase awareness of their brand. This has expanded the marketing outlook for pharmaceutical companies and found new methods away from traditional marketing and the work done in it that is in conflict with the code of ethics.

Digital technology has already transformed the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in many ways to greater levels of transparency and efficiency in communicating with patients and others.In addition, due to the unparalleled effectiveness and cost of digital communication, digital marketing strategies offer a variety of purposeful ways to communicate and engage with clients and potential clients.

In this article, we explore the main trends and tactics that will help marketers in the pharmaceutical industries use digital marketing to promote and grow in the market.

1- SEO for a digital pharmaceutical company

It started with it being called search engine optimization because of its great value that some pharmaceutical industry companies overlook, while many other industries have succeeded in entering this world a long time ago, people are looking for products, services, information and advice – now while we talk, the science behind the searches is what is called improvement. Search engines (SEO).

It is time for pharmaceutical companies, especially companies that own products of nutritional supplements and cosmetics, to enter this world, the importance of improving search engines lies in exploiting the moments in which the customer searches for a product and appearing in the best search results, instead of some practices and strategies that you do Some pharmaceutical companies focus on social media sites only in digital marketing methods, as through social media in many cases the digital marketer cannot accurately ascertain the potential customer of the product, and this is unlike what happens when optimizing search engines.

Tip: The pharmaceutical industries should put a great emphasis on SEO – and make sure to use it in every campaign since it’s one of the techniques that’s proven to increase traffic with keywords and targeted technologies and strategies – there’s no way you don’t want to reap its benefits.

For many companies, SEO is the only answer when it comes to increasing their revenue and number of sales / customers / leads, through the science of on-page and off-page SEO, whether Google, Bing or Yahoo – SEO services give you the precedence and rediscover your site on The web, which makes it visible to search engines and ready to appear higher in the search results, however, SEO is not something that is done overnight.

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a responsive, easy-to-use, and informative website.

Although SEO was a technique everyone could master, the rise of the digital space has changed that, which is exactly why you need an SEO specialist to rank your website faster and more effectively than any other company.

2- Create value-driven content

One of the most important transformations in the impact of digital technology on the pharmaceutical industry is the fact that pharmaceutical companies are no longer the only custodian or provider of information surrounding their treatments or products.

Through social media sites, mobile applications, and a wealth of content on the web, people now have broad access to a range of drug insights and information, by creating content of value for the brand and targeted, providing potential or existing patients with insight into information about the brand, the brand and its products. , Which enables you to significantly increase your audience.

As an international healthcare brand, Johnson & Johnson is known for its wealth of inspiring science content marketing initiatives, but of all its campaigns, Care Inspires Care is perhaps the most inspiring campaign.

This special campaign features a perfect mix of paid values, blog content, emotional messages, social media posts and eye-catching visuals, and this campaign has sharpened and reinforced the importance of caring for each other, by urging people to share their random acts of care through Facebook and support the campaign with a range of Shareable content, the brand has encouraged a total of 26 million sponsorships – and the number is growing.

Top tip: When creating a campaign around a specific product or topic, develop an emotional message that will encourage and create a wealth of user-generated content.

3- Virtual Reality

By 2022, the consumer virtual reality software market is expected to grow to $ 16.3 billion in value.

As virtual reality technology has become an increasingly integrated part of our daily lives, pharmaceutical companies can use this immersive technology to break down walls between their business and their customers, partners, patients, or consumers.

Although most pharmaceutical companies rely on traditional marketing, some companies are already using great digital applications and methods as these methods not only put people at the heart of the business, but they can provide information and care through virtual clinics and offers for their products and much much more.

To help people empathize with friends or loved ones who have migraines and to help promote their products and research, the GlaxoSmithKline brand, Excedrin, has developed a virtual reality campaign called The Migraine Experience.

Using virtual reality glasses, migraine sufferers were able to program their specific symptoms (including blind spots, halos, and sensitivity to light) before handing them over to loved ones so they could experience the trauma on their own, and visualize the results to create video content.

Not only did this campaign spark a flurry of positive conversations and engagements, but it also earned it a notable increase in profits within just two weeks of its launch.

Top tip: When using virtual reality for digital marketing, use it to put your audience at the center of the action, providing a unique opportunity to demonstrate to your audience the importance of your brand, treatment, or product.

4- Helpers powered by artificial intelligence and messaging apps

Large groups of companies around the world are using messaging apps including Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to interact with potential customers and spark meaningful conversations.For pharmaceutical companies, this trend offers a unique opportunity to have personal conversations with your customers, patients or partners.

With drug brands like Johnson & Johnson and MedxNote using pivotal intelligent chatbots in their marketing and communication strategies, many players in the industry are expected to follow suit in the not-too-distant future.

By using machine learning chat bots for machine learning to improve organization efficiency, conduct key tasks and answer inquiries from customers, patients, or clients, drug brands will increase productivity while enhancing overall customer experience (CX) offerings – something that is expected to exceed price and product by volume. whether.

Top tip: Chat bots are incredibly versatile and gain audience trust all the time. In fact, 37% of Americans use chat bots in emergency situations. Using chat bots for social messaging communications will increase customer experience levels and provide valuable data to help improve strategies and marketing for your products.

5- Influencers

70% of the new generation (millennials) are influenced by the recommendations of their peers while 90% of 18-24 year olds trust medical information obtained through social media while a third of adults in the United States search online to understand a medical condition.

So, there is a great opportunity for pharmaceutical brands to work with reputable health influencers and thought leaders.

A great example written by the Amcal Pharmacies Group to promote brand awareness while educating people, the brand teamed up with a diabetic race car driver, Jack Perkins.

By posting Instagram posts providing insight into his personal journey and how the Amcal Pharmacies group is helping him manage his case, the pharmacy has benefited from having had more than 21,000 followers, in addition, Jack’s post (above) achieved 1,397 likes, 33 comments and a engagement rate of 7 %.

Top tip: When working with influencers, make sure you take the time to foster meaningful professional relationships that will benefit your brand in the long run, to help you build the right target audience for your brand.

6- Blockchain

In the digital age, trust and transparency are essential ingredients for success. As the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more informative, offering a much more direct line of communication between provider and consumer, staying open and trustworthy is no longer optional, it is now mandatory.

Although this has yet to be explored to its fullest potential, implementing blockchain technology as part of your digital marketing strategy can help boost organizational growth and development.

This decentralized technology is expected to have a $ 5.6 billion industry by 2025, in addition to providing easy access to critical patient data and helping to reduce frauds, the blockchain is expected to improve dramatically among medical donors and beneficiaries.

While these elements are not directly related to marketing, by demonstrating efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, your brand can grow over time with blockchain in the years to come.

Top tip: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments regarding the blockchain by reading related posts regularly.

Final thoughts

These 6 digital marketing strategies will help increase your chances of sustainable success in the pharmaceutical industry.

By adopting the above methods, you will improve your customer experience across all touch points, thereby delivering a superior level of customer and patient care – which is, fundamentally, the primary goal of any major pharmaceutical company.

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